SuuduBaaba (suudu-baaba.com) also planetfulbe.com, is a website dedicated to the history and culture of the Fulbe/Haal-Pulaar’en, in both its ancient and modern outlook. Fulbe or Haalpulaar’en, as they call themselves, are ancient people with a very fascinating history and rich culture. They lived through several stages of civilization and cultural developments and each stage had left its residual marks in the culture of the modern-day Fulani which gives them a very rich and diverse culture. The Fulani are the largest nomad pastoralist group in the world, but they were also great conquerors, who have founded great kingdoms and empires, such as the kingdom of Fuuta Tooro, the kingdom of Fuuta Jallon, Masina, Toucouleur Empire and the Fulani Empire of Sokoto. They have given to the freshly independent Africa, the first Secretary-General of its newly formed Organization of African Unity, in the person of Boubacar Diallo Teli. Today one of their own, Amina J. Muhammed, is the Deputy Secretary of the United Nations. Many African heads of states also have Fulani backgrounds, such as Amadou Ahidjo of Cameroon, Shehu Sagari, Umaru Musa Yar’adua, and Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria; Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso, Macki Sall of Senegal and Adama Barro of the Gambia. Just to name a few. As an ethnic group, the Fulbe are bound together by the Pulaar/Fulfulde language, their history, their culture, and their moral code known as Pulaagu/Pulaaku (Fulaniness).

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