Adviser’s latest clip “JACKPOT” is creating a buzz!


The Mauritanian Hip-Hop artist Amadou Birane Mangane, known by his artist name “Adviser” is making waves through his new music video “Jackpot”.

An established artist with multiple hats, he is a legendary puncher who exposes the ills of society. With a style of his own, Adviser conquered the audience with his powerful and penetrating voice. With songs written in his native language, “Pulaar/Fulfulde”, he attracts millions of views on music platforms, especially on YouTube.

Indeed, after the success recorded with, “Inawona” and “Volume”, the native of Mauritania conquered the hearts of the Senegalese with his “girlfriend” Mia Guissé through his remix “Ar Njehen”, which is still a sensation on the networks.

Nevertheless, “Adviser” hits the jackpot with its new title “Jackpot”. Released on September 15, it recorded hundreds of thousands of views and created a buzz on Tik-Tok.

In this video made in Praia, Cape Verde, the Mauritanian rapper, who lives and works in Senegal, talks about a love story.

He declares that he has won the heart of the girl of his dreams and for him, it is a jackpot, a jackpot that he intends to cherish.

Rich in color, “Jackpot” immerses us in a whole level of extraordinary creativity and innovation and is currently available on all platforms, and is a hit.

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