Senegalese international musical icon, Baaba Maal, is currently at the heart of the Annual Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the United Nations, held in New York. This prestigious invitation highlights not only his influence as an artist but also his role as an ambassador for sustainable development and human dignity.

The annual United Nations General Assembly is a high-profile event where world leaders come together to discuss the world’s most pressing issues. Baaba Maal opened this first session of the summit with a captivating musical performance, illustrating the power of music as a universal means of communication.

As an ambassador, Baaba Maal actively participates in several panels and sharing meetings on development. He brings his unique perspective as founding president of NANNK, an international organization dedicated to promoting human dignity through the creation of sustainable employment and wealth opportunities.

One of the highlights of his participation will be a panel where he will share his journey and discuss the crucial role of culture in achieving development goals. This discussion will bring together eminent personalities, including Mo Ibrahim, under the chairmanship of the Head of State of Senegal.

Baaba Maal, who is celebrating 38 years of career and commitment to development, will also have the opportunity to answer questions from journalists during an upcoming gala evening.

Baaba Maal’s presence at this international event highlights the importance of art and culture as catalysts for positive change and sustainable development. His music transcends borders, as does his commitment to a better future for all.

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