To promote education and knowledge in Sierra Leone, Tabital Pulaaku is offering scholarships to 60 students.

The Sierra Leonean Chapter of Tabital Pulaaku International has offered scholarships to over 60 students attending various Universities and Colleges across Sierra Leone.

According to the Calabash Newspaper website that reported the information, the scholarships offered will cover the full tuition fees of the beneficiaries throughout the course of their studies.
The beneficiaries are from 16 different districts in the country and attend various universities and colleges such as the University of Sierra Leone, Njala University, UNIMAK, UNIMTEC, Milton Margai University, and other higher institutions of learning.

The scholarship aims to promote learning in different subjects of sciences and humanities such as engineering, medicine, economics, accounting, and law.

 The President of Tabital Pulaaku Sierra Leone, Alhaji Juldeh Sowe, is a renowned and successful businessman who is well known for offering hundreds of scholarships to students every year. In addition to the scholarship offered this year by Tabital Pulaaku Sierra Leone, Mr. Sowe has paid tuition fees for hundreds of students this academic year with his own money.

Tabital Pulaaku International is a worldwide Fulbe organization that has as a mission, promoting Fulbe culture, the Pulaar/Fulfulde language, a peaceful and harmonious cohabitation between the fulbe and their neighbors; and contributing to the local development of their respective countries.

Logo of Tabital Pulaaku Sierra Leone

The organization has more than twenty-four chapters in Africa and several others outside the continent where the Fulbe communities are established such as in Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas.

Besides its cultural mission, the Sierra Leonean chapter of Tabital Pulaaku International is well distinguished for its passion for promoting education in the country as well as its involvement in modern cattle rearing/ranching.

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