Hawwa Pullo Gombe: General Muhammadu Buhari Yoo Allah Reene

Hauwa Yar Fulani or Hawwa Pullo Gombe is a Nigerian Female singer. She sings in both her native Pulaar/Fulfulde language and Hausa. Her fame goes beyond Nigeria’s borders. Thanks to social media, she is well known all over the Fulani world. Her YouTube videos are very watched and shared by her countless fans in all Fulani countries in West Africa and the diaspora. She participated in live concerts in Cameroon with the Cameroonian Fulani artist Baaba Sadou, and they both were guests at the 2019 Fulbe Africa Festival in the Gambia.

In this video, she sings a song dedicated to the Nigerian President General Muhammadu Buhari a Fulani himself.

Hauwa Pullo is from Gombe State, north-eastern Nigeria. A state populated by the Fulani people, who constitute more than half of the state’s population. Other ethnic groups include the Bolewa, Tera, Waja, and Hausa people.

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